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Nu Corinthian Baptist Church is a church whose purpose is for Ministry, Fellowship, Worship, Evangelism and Discipleship. The church where the lost are sought and disciples are taught.

In August of 1995, Rev. Terry A. Webster Sr., a spiritually anointed preacher, was called to Pastor Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. During his eleven years at Corinthian, the membership has increased from barely 85 members to approximately 700 members.

Within the last few years a new sanctuary was built and a new name (Nu Corinthian Baptist Church) was instituted.

Nu Corinthian is dedicated to preaching and teaching the word of Jesus Christ, strengthen it's church family and the community home and abroad.

September 1, 1881 
138 persons met together in the old schoolhouse on New York Street. The first five Deacons were selected. Church began at this location.

Church History

September 4, 1881 
Rev. Harrison resided over the pulpit. The first choir was organized. Trustees secured the Masonic Hall for church services which stood next to building at North Street and Spring Streets. The building was purchased by the Church.


September 23, 1881 
The name Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church was offered and accepted. Three additional Trustees were elected. Four more Deacons were elected. 
The motto: “If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?” was adopted. The Church was accepted into the State Association. The first Pastor was Rev. Peter Ventrees.


October 5, 1881 
2nd Pastor, Rev. Richard Bass, was appointed.


November 1887 
Rev. Horace P. Kennedy became Church Pastor.


December 1, 1888 
Rev. E.B. Martin of Memphis, Tennessee became Pastor. All church debts were paid and 250 members were added to the church.


A young preacher, Rev. H.H. Harris was appointed Pastor. An awakening occurred. Church was remodeled.


Rev. J.J. Blackshear became Pastor. A kitchen was added to the church.


1902- 1903 
Rev. Lott was appointed as Pastor. Some members left and formed Metropolitan Baptist Church.


Rev. J. Franklin became Pastor. He requested location change. 75 members left and formed Union Tabernacle Baptist Church.


Rev. G.A. Martin was Pastor. Membership increased again.


Rev. Volney W. McLawler served as Pastor.


Church building was erected with Corinthian style columns.

Pastor Ira M. Hendon served as Pastor.


Rev. Martin Harris of Cincinnati, OH became Pastor.


Rev. W. Ramsey pastored 3 months. Rev. Volner McLawler was called to pastor a second time.


Rev. David C. Venerable “A Child of Corinthian” became Pastor. 
Final mortgage burning of $13,000.00 occurred.


September 29, 1955 - October 25, 1994 
Rev. Stephen A. Wells, Jr. was appointed as Pastor. Many new ministries were implemented.


September 10, 1995
Rev. Terry A. Webster, Sr. was selected as Pastor.


October 29, 1995 
Pastor Terry A. Webster, Sr. was installed.


March 18, 1996 
Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church was incorporated. There was a 506% increase in membership. Many new ministries were added and flourished. The Church purchased 11+ acres of land on the northwest side of Indianapolis.


July 2000 
With the slogan, “Prayer Warriors Make It Happen!” the church paid off the 11+ acres of land and purchased a parsonage.


December 16, 2001
God blessed Corinthian and the church met at 5935 W. 56th Street for the ground breaking ceremony.


June 2002 
Pastor Terry Webster, Sr. held a 24-hour prayer vigil for the entire church body. The theme, “Only Praying Hands Will Build The Church!” was used. Construction of new sanctuary began.

September 14, 2003 
Grand opening of new edifice dedicated to God.
The name Nu Corinthian Baptist Church was offered and accepted.


Since the opening, many ministries have been added at Nu Corinthian such as; the Seasoned Saints, Children’s Church, Outreach Ministry, and Recovery Ministry. 

In August 2006, Pastor Webster implemented an intense 21 day Men’s Spiritual Boot Camp. The Lord blessed our Church and allowed us to begin construction on the Fellowship Hall and the Gymnasium.


On November 12-13, 2006, 
A dynamic Prayer Seminar was held at the church, given by Dr. Carson Adams of Marion, Indiana. The goal of the seminar was to make Nu Corinthian Baptist Church “a house of prayer”.  Pastor Webster revealed the theme God has given him for Nu Corinthian in 2007; “An Extreme Makeover”. Lord, may You make us over!



A new building was purchased at 2700 N. College Ave for inner-city outreach and community service and was named Sanctity of Salvation (SOS).


Easter Sunday 2011

The first church service was held at the College Avenue location.


Easter Sunday, April 20th, 2014

The College Avenue location (renamed Nu Corinthian Inner City Ministries) celebrated it's Grand Reopening.

Sunday, December 6th, 2020

A new ministry called The Village began as a worship service offered after the 10am NuC service that gears towards young adults (Millennials and Gen-Z). 

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