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Pastor, Terry A. Webster Sr. was called to preach in 1980 & was ordained to preach the gospel in 1984. Pastor Webster preached throughout the Metropolitan area of Indianapolis for 11 years and served as an assistant Pastor at New Light Baptist Church.

In August 1995, Rev. Webster was called to Pastor Corinthian Baptist Church. He grew the church from 85 members to over 800 members. In September of 2003, Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church moved into its new facilities located at 56th & Lafayette Road, changing the name to Nu Corinthian Baptist Church.

Pastor Webster’s list of accomplishments are many. He attended IUPUI, Crossroads Bible College, Central Theological Seminary, and Georgetown College, located in Oxford England, and Martin University. He recieved a B.A. in Ministry from Newburgh Seminary and completed the Pastoral Ministry Program at Zimbabwe Theological Seminary.

Pastor Webster established Nu Corinthian Dad’s Club at Pike High School. He founded Inner City Ministries, Sanctity of Salvation (ICMSOS). Using ICMSOS as a outreach tool, Pastor Webster opened a food pantry at the Nu Corinthian location of 2700 N. College Ave, where he also opened a shelter for families in need. Pastor Webster was recommended for the FBI Citizenship Award, and participated in the Lott Carey Pastoral Excellence Program, where he travels to Ghana Africa, to teach, aid and educate children and other pastors.

Pastor Webster, is on a committee in the Pike Township District to help plan, organize and facilitate seminars on public relations. He also is an advisor on teen issues and issues related to building confidence among our youth, school administration and the police force, just to name a few. He has been married for 28 years to his wonderful wife, First Lady Beverly Webster, and is the father of Terry Jr., Morgan Rae and Laqueda. Pastor Webster is an avid fisherman and loves to run as a hobby.

Other Accomplishments

Foot Soldiers (at risk kids)
Men’s Boot Camp
Women’s Shoe Camp
Home for the aging project
Certificate of Excellence from the Marion County Sheriffs Dept.
Member of the West-side Ministries
Assisted in the relief efforts in New Orleans, and Haiti
Workshops and Seminars on family issues all across the country

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